The older I get, I have learned (and am still learning) the power and importance of worship. I can recall sitting in church and seeing adults cry out to God. I never got a good grasp on it because my parents are what we like to call Intelligent saints. By that I mean they are highly educated in the will and the way of God. They know the history and background of many things biblical. My parents are people who study to show themselves approved but they were never outwardly expressive during Sunday Morning worship service. So my folks were what I knew, and I knew their walk was genuine, but they weren’t (and still aren’t) those who publically cry out to God, or two stepped down the aisle. Still to this day I’ve not seen either of them cry, and so in my eyes growing up I was skeptical of people who were so free in themselves to just cry out to God or to shout down the aisles.

But what I’ve learned, is that life isn’t always kind. Everybody doesn’t avoid harm & danger on the regular. I’ve learned that when you consecrate yourself before the Lord and it seems like you’re not even being heard and then in your silence, one day he drops a nugget in your spirit that not only answers your petition you’ve placed before him but it exceeds what you’ve asked for, something comes up in your spirit that you can’t contain. He blocked satan’s attack, or he’s granted you what you’ve prayed for and you can’t help but give him praise. Emotion feels your body, gratitude fill your mouth although the words in vocabulary can’t express the splendor of his majesty.

What I can’t understand is my parents containment. It was brought to my attention that my parents are very good about keeping things behind closed doors. Like I mentioned earlier I have never seen either of them cry in the 17 years I’ve been here on this Earth, and I live with both of them. But according to them both, they both have shed their fair share of tears. So I can’t judge their relationships wih Christ off of what I see. If I judged it solely off of what I saw I’d say they were well off middle class Christians that didn’t cry or worship. But I refuse to believe that, because they know so much about him to have been able to restrain themselves for the past 44-45 years in the midst of all the good he has done in their lives.
God is too good, too mighty, too merciful, too gracious, for any of us to sit on our hands when he continually breathes the breath of life in our nostrils moment after moment. When he continually clothes and bathes us, when he continually feeds us physically & spiritually. I don’t care if you are a Multi-billionaire he still did it for you, you didn’t do it in your own strength. There are no programs or machines or men who are capable of doing what God does. He deserves more than our best praise. It’s time out for playing. He’s Still God, he is the only being that’s has been, is and will be forever more.

I encourage you to think about his goodness, and what he has done in your life, and I dare you to give him a selfless praise, whether it be behind closed doors or out in a room full of people. See what it’ll do for you.

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