Well before I was the Youth Minister at my home church, I was just the youth department president elected by my peers to serve their interests. I can remember the day just like any other. We were in the kitchen on the morning of our community block party (our largest event of the year). It was a morning of great anticipation for what was to come, it was one o f the first years we had ever done, and we were incredibly curious to see how the event was going to go.
Just as we were unpacking the food, preparing for the masses, i hear my mom say in a startled tone, “Oh boy!” I looked and calmy asked her, “What?” she responded, “There is a mouse.” In the .025 seconds that it took me to think, I analyzed the exits in the room. I could run past the mouse to the main entrance, I could run out the back door, fight the series of locks and end up in an ally that’s not in the best part of town,  or I could jump through the serving windo closest to me. Would you know, that in that short amount of time I jumped through the window. It is important that you understand that I was not the most in shaoe teenager, I didnt hardly run or jump anywhere, and I was about 4 feet 11 inches. In that moment I cleared the window in a smooth motion.
That morning in the kitchen I could have stayed in the kitchen and showed some crazy faith and stood up the giant of a mouse that was in the room with me. I could have faced my fear of vermin that morning, but that wasn’t that morning quest. That morning I needed God to show me I strong I was in a different manner. That morning, i needed to know that i was stonger, more flexible, and more spirited than I thought. Sure there was some level of adrenaline rushing through my veins, but it is in the moments that we experience adrenaline that we see that a lot of our issues are all in our minds.
Many days we look at things and say that we aren’t strong enough, big enough, wise enough, small enough to do, and so we never bother with trying to face new nountains. We never try to even climb a hill because some nuisance of a thought has convinced you that you aren’t good enough. You are good enough. You are strong enough. Dont let the lies in your mind tell you otherwise, and definitely don’t let someone else’s definition of you define who can and will be. You’re not stuck. You’re only stuck if you believe you’re stuck. Burst through some windows in your life, it is one of the most liberating things you will ever experience.

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