Great people are driven to do something. Those who succeed do, those who don’t do, continually ask why they don’t succeed. To even begin on the path to be a baller you must develop drive.

Drive naturally occurs in some people’s lives, some people are shamefully complacent. Drive is the push and the will to accomplish. You can’t expect to be handed status and success. Everything good requires some work on someone’s behalf.

Today’s world has been sadly tricked into believing that in order to have, you don’t always have to to put in work. The pathetic thing is that they are sadly mistaken. If you want to be respected you have to put in respectable hours in your craft (what ever it may be). Just existing isn’t enough. To just exist with out thriving to live is just like being void of life, or better said… dead.

Work is tagged with a stigma of negativity that is corrupting the American society, while crippling the youth. Work is cornerstone for success. Work prepares you to sit in high positions and lead the way leaders ought to. People in leadership positions that have never been to the bottom, and seen how the other half lives is bound to fail at leading people you can not and will not relate to, because you have not endured what they have endured. If you can’t relate, you’ll be stunted in organizational growth.

Don’t be afraid of work, work is only preparation for the higher place you belong. You can’t arrive unless you climb the mountain like the rest of us. There are no helicopters.

Until Next time this is N. A Jones

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