Last year E. Dewey Smith preached a sermon at COGIC Holy Convocation, that went absolutely viral. Now I have followed Pastor Smith since I was in the eighth grade, before his church was a mega church back when it was a really big Baptist Church. Back when i would think to myself that I would love to pastor a church just like that when the time comes. I’ve watched everything he’s done as closely as one can from a neighboring state, and he’s someone worth watching. When he preached this sermon at holy convocation, before the likes of people who claim Christ but are very quick to condemn the actions of other, especially our same gender loving friends and family. This sermon was the sermon that was heard around the world. It sparked conversation around the world, and all in the church. The church was completely polarized, which isn’t anything knew, when we continually argue over trivial things like what color to wear for sunday’s service.


Regardless of which interpretation you subscribe to Pastor Smith made a point that I want to scream from the mountaintops. We all need Jesus. None of us have come to a place where we are without blemish, and can cast the first stone, or destroy anyone. The call and the cause of the church is not to guilt the masses into submission. The task at hand isn’t to all look and sound alike. The job of the church is demonstrate the love of Christ, so that someone who doesn’t know it, can come to know him as more than a myth or a legend, but as a reality. If would have been my sermon to preach, thats what I would have said. Or at least I would how I would be so versed to say it like such.

Here’s the sermon that sent shock waves through the world.

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