My dad is a tool guy, so inherently I like tools. I mean he is the guy that has 7 drills and all of them do something different. He has about 3 tool bags in his truck. Anything he could possibly ever need he has on his truck.  I mentioned earlier that I have a tool for virtually everything, I was wrong, I have a tool for most things, my dad has a too for everything, but If I don’t have a tool for the job, I will go find the tool for the job before the job is over. It doesn’t matter how good the craftsman is, without good tools, you are not going to perform the job adequately
The right tools assist in making sure that you have build your project to the very best of your ability. The right tools make the difference, in a something that stands for generations and something that topples over as soon as the wind blows. The right tools spiritually, can not only help you break the glass ceiling of the pit, get through the thickness of the valley, and most definitely help you battle the heights of the mountain.
The absolute most important tool for climbing is a solid relationship with God. Your relationship with God is like a drill. On the outside a drill looks like it has one simple purpose, to help bring two things together. In reality a drill has several purposes. A drill has many bits that do the same thing, but for each screw differently. Just like the drill bits, God meets you where you are. He knows what’s going on with you, and your personality. A matter of fact he knows more about you than you know about yourself, because he created you. Drills have different extensions as well, there is an extension call a snipper.power_tools
A snipper fits into your drill and powers through sheet metal, that is in any other situation considerably hard to cut, but is made simpler with the snips. There is drill that is not your average drill; it’s called an impact drill. An impact drill keeps pushing even when your conventional drill would say it couldn’t go any further. Then there is my favorite drill; this one is everything above and more. It’s called a hammer drill. From the outside it looks like your traditional drill. But your hammer drill can push the limits like the impact drill or it can go even further by destroying them in the hammer setting. A hammer drill has the ability to go through cement much like a jackhammer. There is no substance to too tough for the hammer drill. God is like the hammer drill. He can come in and fix any situation, even the situations that seem Unfixable. He can move mountains out of your way with out lifting a finger; he can make your haters your footstools before you even know it. The best thing about when God handles your haters, he keeps your hands clean, so you can be on to the next one.

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