Over the Christmas break I had an epiphany. If you remember I spent time mourning the loss of a relationship  (about a week or less) I was once eager to get out of because it was insanity. For the life me I couldn’t figure out why things ended as it did although I played it like a game, and I got the exact result I was aiming for. Then I was upset because after I got the result I wanted (freedom) I couldn’t quite reconcile the relationship like I wanted,  I was placed in the friend zone. In my eyes it is never acceptable to be in the friend zone when I don’t want to be. Although I was excited to be a friend and nothing more to begin with. I guess I automatically assumed I’d be a more than a friend with benefits. Well when I discovered I that I’d be there as a sideline, I was highly irritated 1. because although in my right mind I was done with this person but in my egotistical mind I didn’t like the idea of someone telling me I couldn’t have something (or in this case someone) and 2. because I am never anyone’s second choice if I’m your second choice you clearly don’t know what you’re missing and who I am (and that’s my egotistical opinion,  although true).

Well after all that, God granted me an epiphany about the entire situation.What was revealed to me was, “It didn’t work because I was set up by Satan.” Now surely you’re reading and you’re confused as to what direction I may be heading in, but I urge you to keep reading. So there is this person I give advice to, the kid really does’t have a clue, and its not her fault it has a lot to do with her upbringing, her age , and all of these raging hormones. Well in September or October when I got out of an extended relationship that had become a burden (as this was the 3rd time we had tried to reconcile), she couldn’t understand that I was just fine with being single. I actually enjoy being single, simply because you can talk to whomever, whenever and where ever. Even more importantly my relationship with God strengthens, but I believe that is because I am yet to engage in a relationship that is truly God centered, because people my age don’t seem to think that’s normal, when in reality its extraordinary. Anyway her friend approached her about me and wheels began to turn, she was determined to set me up. Well for once in my life I let my guard down to this kid, and allowed it. So I began to talk to her friend and I found that  we had a few things in common. So after a while we entered into a relationship (didn’t last long) and when I’d mention God my questions would be answered, but I’d be rushed off the subject into a more secular topic. Now if you know anything about my standards you know i require a relationship with God because(and to be able to talk with me about God), the last thing I need is not to be on one accord with who I call my better half. Well that bothered me, but I was going to attempt to make it work. Well it didn’t because I eventually was tired and determined to get out without me “Pulling the plug.”

So You’re still wondering,  “How did satan set you up?” First I didn’t pray about it. Whenever I neglect to pray about a matter it comes down shattering in my face. So that was the first problem. I let my guard dan not only to this kid but to Satan, this allowed him to attempt to get me to stumble in my walk with Christ (he was close, but it didn’t work).

God longs to hear from his people, he wants to lead and guide you through life’s journeys. Here’s the catch, he’s gentleman so he’s not going to barge in if you don’t ask for such guidance, but he’s waiting for you to just call his name and he’s there ready to steer. Without him we fail every time, things shatter, or we feel void and many other things. The second problem was I should have known that this kid who doesn’t have clue would have friends of the same manner, it’s kind of how it works. It’s not their fault, its how they are until they are hit with reality. The sad part of the matter is that there are adults just like these kids who don’t have a clue.

Today what I urge you to do is to consult the “Ultimate Baller” (God) about everything you do, whether it be girls (or guys) or your next business decision. God will provide and he even says so in Matthew 6:33. It only takes you asking for guidance to receive it, because when I take the time out to ask for guidance things turn out just fine. I guarantee that if I would have asked for guidance in that situation (as I do with everything else) I wouldn’t have gone the route I did and I would have followed my formula, friendship would’ve been first instead of leaping to the courtship. Being very honest (not just because i promote the formula) that’s a prime reason it failed as well because friendship is first.

It is not ok to just have money, be successful, be a gentleman,and be a smooth talker. Sometimes these “Good things” will cripple you without guidance.  A vital part of being a Baller is having communication with God. Thats your source of peace, understanding and wisdom; and without it, your are led to failure, because Satan is looking for the opportunity to set you up.  629600692-2

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