1. Get A Healthy 7+ Hours of Sleep. I love sleep, but the busier I get the more hours in the day I try to use. At one point in my life I was running from 7am -12pm. I wouldn’t go to bed until 1 or 2 and it wore on me. My long beautiful hair fell out, I had high blood pressure issues before I was even twenty years old. One thing that I should have never sacrificed was my sleep. Sleep is a key form of fuel for the body. When you don’t sleep your brain does not have the chance to release toxins, and so the toxins build up reducing your brain function. If your brain isn’t functioning properly, what’s the point of being awake, you’re not efficient.

2. Prayer and Meditation to create a constant state of clarity & focus. I have been a big advocate of daily prayer and study for a long time, but here recently, I have taken my prayer time from the end of the day to the beginning of the day. That one change has not only changed the my prayer time, but I come out of my prayer time, feeling invincible. My whole life has been revolutionized, by simply making God the most important thing on my schedule.

3. Hard Physical Activity. A couple years ago, this is something I wouldn’t have included on any list I was compiling. I wasn’t a physicially fit person at all. At first sight you probably wouldn’t think I would be  athletic now. Running isnt really my thing, but I found that swimming was actually pleasurable. One of the most refreshing things for me is the feeling after a swim. The past few weeks I’ve been wheezing pretty bad, but I also haven’t been swimming, because I’ve been working so much (and my hair was looking good). 2 nights ago, I broke the streak, and my lungs we opened, the wheezing was gone, and my energy was back. Hard workouts allow your brain to get more blood, as a result it functions better. Working out is fun when you find things that fit your personality. Running isn’t for everyone, but there is something for everyone.

4. Take A Cold Shower. I love warm showers, but in every shower I take it ends in a cold spell. There are so many proven benifits to cold showers. Cold showers help you wake up, they help the brain function, they stop itching, they close your pores and the benefits go on and on.

5. Listen to/Read Uplifting Content. This one is simple, what you put in your mind, is what you will become. If you listen to empowing things, you will feel empowered. If you want to be a chef, read up on the culinary field. You should be the in house expert on your passion. It may not be your reality yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t equip yourself for the future you desire.

6. Review Your Life Vision. I do this very frequently. Too many people look back at their lives and regret not staying the course. When you get wrapped up in the now, you leave no room for the next until your next is always your now with no expectation. Be content with where you are, but always looking to the future. Celebrate successes, but don’t dwell there too long, there is always something else to be done, more life to be lived, more hills to climb.

7. Do At Least One Thing Towards Long-Term Goals. To the same effect of the next point, not only should you plan, you should push to accomplish. There are times that God will rewrite the story, and you should be flexible to let him be God, but follow the plan until he changes the plan. The odds are, that he signs off on the plan so long as you commit to staying in prayer about it all.

Let’s Grow Ya’ll!

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