One of my favorite artists wrote a song years ago, named Center of my joy. This song is so powerful, as it talks about how in the middle of life’s distractions, that God is the compass for our paths. I love the song, but I hope to take it a step further like I heard someone pray. You see being a christian for me is just a name, or a title. For me it is the most intimate relationship that I’ve ever engaged in. Sure there is a person that I thank God for on a regular basis, and it would appear that they have brought a good deal of joy to my life, but upon further inspection that relationship is just a byproduct of the relationship I have with Jesus Christ.

You see I find pleasure in the simple things in life. I can smile because the sun rose, or because the bird remembered how to sing this morning. I can get excited that after the thunderstorm the sun still comes out. When I find myself all alone at night, and I wish there was someone there to hold, he is there, and although his touch isn’t physical, its there all the same. He’s the reason I find pleasure in oceans, lakes, and streams and I’m happy about.

I agree with Richard Smallwood when he said, “You’re the heart of my contentment, hope for all I do…” because for almost a decade, I tried to find happiness in people and in things. I thought if I could hand out with this group I would be happy. If this person could grow to love me, I would be complete. Don’t get me wrong I was never void of a relationship with Christ, but I was looking to everything else to fulfill my wants and desires. A couple years ago when it seemed like I lost much of what I held dear, and I decided to focus on Christ and the relationship that we had, he rebuilt in a way that I didn’t know I could be built. As I looked toward him, and spent more and more time with him, I grew not as a preacher, or teacher, but as a human being. Then this time, when the things I searched for appeared, they no longer became my life, my life was Christ, and they added to the picture.

As long I kept Christ at the center, he began to expand into other areas of my life, making me sharpers, wiser, and better than I had ever been. Before I knew it, he wasn’t just the center and the focus, he had become the circumference. I can honestly understand the word of the old hymn that say, “What ever my lot, thou has taught me to say it is well.” When Christ becomes the focus, nothing else matters. The storms of life, become paralleled to a paper cut. Making Christ your life, doesn’t mean you have to be the church lady that doesn’t go anywhere or do anything, or that can’t take a joke. No being close to Christ means that your life resonates love, and joy exudes from your being, and that peace has become your partner in crime. I don’t know about you I don’t think its a bad thing, actually I think it puts you several steps ahead. Thats where I care to be.

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