Stay prayerful! Prayer is the difference between what we can’t do and all that God can do. When we stay in constant connection with the divine (GOD), you have access to the master GPS. You’ll have insight beyond what you could ever imagine, you just have to make him your go to guy.

There seems to be a trend in my life and those around me. When we go to God with everything, we can see his fingerprints on everything. When we get lax about our prayer lives, we start seeing our fingerprints on everything. As unique and lovely our fingerprints are, they don’t hold a torch to the power and wonders that God’s fingerprints can do. We are not strong enough to live out the wonders that our lives could be. Sure we could live pretty normal lives, without constant connection with God. the reality is I have no interest in living a mediocre life, or carrying the burden of everyday living. I have no interest in being stressed out with life’s cares when I could be on top of the world without a care in the world because God has already handle the things that everyone else is concerned with.

I don’t think there is some magic formula that will with get you closer to Christ. I do know there are things that have helped revolutionize my relationship with Christ, which has turned my my life upside down in the best of ways.

  1. Pray often. Really pray constantly. If you have a question, ask it. You have not because you ask not. You don’t have the wisdom because you haven’t asked for the wisdom. You don’t know where to go because you haven’t asked for the guidance to get you there. A GPS doesn’t work until you put the address in it, and press GO. It doesn’t do you any good to simply own a GPS if you don’t use it.
  2. Make God a Priority. We want God to move at our whim, but we don’t make him a priority. I give God the first hour sometimes 2 of my day. I get up 3-4 hours before my day has to begin so that he knows he has time to do what he pleases. He’s my number one priority, and he has blessed me as a result.
  3. Write it Down. Speaking brings things to life, but writing them down contractualizes them. When you want God to do something, speak in prayer, but write in prayer. It wasn’t until I started keeping a prayer journal, that I started seeing God bless everything. I go back frequently and I am reminded of prayers I forgot I prayed, that God answered.
  4. Say thank you before it happens. This demonstrates that you know it is already done. A number of times, Christ performed miracles because those who were in need had a large measure of faith in his abilities. Don’t miss your breakthrough because you only kinda sorta believe it will happen.
  5. Definitely say thank you after you see it. God wants the glory in all things. You can say thank you by saying the words, but you can also say thank you by telling everyone about the wonderful things he has done in your life.

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