So many of us live a life that is by the books, because that is what we are told to do. Life should be anything but ordinary, but extraordinary. When we accept that our lives don’t have to look like anyone else’s, thats when we can truly experience this beautiful gift that is life. Join CoJo and Company, as we commit to living and helping you live the most extraordinary life you can live, after all the sky isn’t the limit, there isn’t a limit.

Our founder affectionately known as CoJo, is the author of the ground breaking book “Called to the Peak, Craving the Pit,” A youth minister, bonafide lover of life and adventure, plus an all around business nut. If there was ever a picture of what “Work Hard, Pay Harder,” that would be CoJo.

As a youth minister, Reverend CoJo has a love hate relationship with the church and religion. As product of being born and bred in the church, CoJo loves the fellowship and bond that come from being a part of a body of believers. However, when we become stuck on what the traditions are, we negate the creativity of God. When God gets creative we find ourselves with lives that we could have never imagined, and that’s why we aim to live lives that are  “Untraditionally, Traditional.”