They say if you’re a jack of all trades, you’re a master of none. That’s far from the truth when it comes to N. A. Jones. Jones believes that all of your hobbies, should either make you healthier, make you better, or make you money. Jones is passionate about each hobby, thus being exceptional at most endeavors. 

CoJo believes everyone can live their best life, you just need the right tools for your life. Jones works hard to provide various outlets to equip people with the right tools to tap into their potential. Everyone’s best isn’t the same, but CoJo desires to help lay a strong foundation to help you find, pursue, live and maintain your best life. After all you only get to live this life once.

A native of Birmingham, AL, N. A. Jones, desires to help with you persue your best life together. Jones believes that is important to be a student of life, and to share the knowledge that you gain as you continue on the rocking roller coaster we call life. Jones, believes that your life should be tailor made for your dreams, you have to decide whether to wear your suit of the suit they say is yours.

The Nickname CoJo actually was given by Jones’ grandfather, because it his custom to give everyone an off the wall name. Who would have thought years later, it resurface and stick. So whether it N. A. Jones or CoJo its all one in the same.